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Was there an aspect of the residency program that was unexpected and required adaptation on your part? 

  • Internships away from home


What is your favorite alcoholic drink?

  • Never alcohol ☺


What personality traits are typical of your profession?

  • Resilience, empathy, discreet obsessive trait..


What specialty would you never do? Why?

  • Surgery, too physical...


During your medical studies, what did you do on a Friday evening? 

  • Recovery... ☺


How many hours of work per week on average?

  • 50 hours


What do you dislike most about your practice?

  • Night calls


What are the difficulties, the least pleasant aspects that you encounter in your specialty?

  • Administrative aspects of invoicing


What car do you drive? 

  • RAV4 (to work at all times) ☺


How do you plan your vacation?

  • No vacation ☺

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