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Inform  medical students on the realities of their future careers , with a touch of humor for both students and physicians.


In partnership with
Dr Dominique Dorion,
Dean of the FMSS
University of Sherbrooke
How it

1. You complete an anonymous 2-minute questionnaire, adapting your questions to the doctors/specialties that interest you.  

2. These questions will be filtered and sent to the corresponding doctors/specialties . They will be asked to answer in 5 lines maximum . So make sure your questions are specific enough.  

3. Questions/answers will be compiled and stored on this site.  

4. You can submit your questions as soon as they come to mind since the questionnaire can be submitted more than once. Every two months, we will send the questionnaires back to the corresponding doctors so that your questions can be answered. 

How does this project stand out?


Thanks to the three possible types of questions!  


Ex: How did you prepare for your interviews? What image comes to mind when you think of a good cardiologist/ENT/etc. ?  

2. Typically taboo 

Ex: What difficulties do you encounter in your field and how do you overcome them? Which specialty gets on your nerves the most?  

3. Entertaining 

Example: What car do you drive? If you had the chance to change your specialty, which would you choose? 

Meet the team


Joseph Petruccilli, MD

MSc candidate

McGill University

Giancarlo Sticca - Photographie CaRMS.jpg

Giancarlo Sticca, MD

Resident in General Surgery

Montreal university

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