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Was there an aspect of the residency program that was unexpected and required adaptation on your part?

  • The busy guards 

  • Not really, the guards can be difficult and you have to adapt to it


What is your favorite alcoholic drink? 

  • sour apricot

  • White wine: Meursault/Chassagne-Montrachet


What personality traits are typical of your profession?

  • Empathetic, curious

  • Empathy, sense of detail, sense of organization, ability to work in a team, ability to listen


What specialty would you never do? Why?

  • Dermatology. For runny skin lesions! 

  • Gynecology, I can't explain why


To what extent does neurology leave room for the personal life as a specialty (is this the kind of specialty where it is possible to be able to spend time with family and raise children)?

  • Yes! 

  • Absolutely


What does your daily life look like?

  • It is really variable from one day to another, possibility of doing varied tasks which makes the practice pleasant 

  • Very variable, very different depending on the clinics I do, depending on whether I am on call or not. That's what I like about neurology, there are several types of tasks, the practice is varied


What obstacles do you encounter most often in your field and how do you overcome them?

  • Lots of consultation requests, lots of paperwork to fill out

  • Obstacles: amount of “paperwork” to fill out, delay in follow-ups, lack of time


What is one of the most important qualities to possess as a neurologist?

  • Intellectual curiosity, enjoy solving complex cases, empathy 

  • Be compassionate, understanding and empathetic, take time with people


During your medical studies, what did you do on a Friday evening?

  • Worked or played sports or went out with friends... in any case I didn't study on Friday evenings! 

  • It depended on Friday evenings: outings with friends, guards, etc.


How many hours of work per week on average?

  • Normal week: 40 hours at the office but often more work to do at home (course to prepare, student work to correct, presentation to prepare...) which I do not calculate in there. On-call weeks > 70 hours.

  • On average 55 I would say, I don't really count them


What do you dislike most about your practice?

  • Flow and lack of time. The paperwork to fill out. 

  • To have the impression of not having enough time to meet the growing demand or to be able to follow up on time


What are the difficulties, the least pleasant aspects that you encounter in your specialty?

  • Often seriously or sometimes incurably ill, the announcements of these diagnoses are sometimes difficult.

  • A small part of our clientele can be very demanding and demanding. Otherwise, same answer as above: amount of “paperwork” to fill out, delay in follow-ups, lack of time


What car do you drive?

  • You're here 

  • Volvo XC90

How do you plan your vacation?

  • At the last minute. 

  • 6-9 months in advance, with my spouse

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