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PNEUMOLOGY (and intensive care)

Do you follow the recommendations you give to your patients? 

  • Sure!

  • Most, but we must admit that we are not all exemplary, especially in terms of physical activity.

What do you think is the most difficult medical practice? The easiest ? 

  • Surgical disciplines requiring high availability in terms of call duty (eg orthopaedics, obstetrics).  Nuclear medicine seems easier to me!

  • The easiest is the one that excites us because we don't count the hours. The most difficult is the one that we have convinced ourselves is the easiest.

Would you be friends with your colleagues if you had met them outside of work?

  • With most people in my department YES!

  • For the vast majority fortunately!


What do you think is the most important factor for a successful residency in your specialty?  A career in your specialty?

  • The passion for his specialty

  • For pulmonology, you have to like dealing with people who don't always listen to doctors, be good with your hands, be a good manager of laboratory resources and know how to work in a team.

What is the best advice you have received?

  • To recognize our limits and consult colleagues for an opinion

  • “As a resident, you always have to be doing something! »

How many hours of work per week?

  • I don't count them because I love my job, my diverse career

  • 60h of happiness, according to the guards, the academic, research and management tasks which are added to the clinical tasks.

What do you dislike most about your practice?

  • Administrative pitfalls reducing accessibility for our patients (delays in obtaining examinations, lack of equipment, etc.)

  • I'm still looking for the answer.

Is it possible to make a career in pulmonology while being immunosuppressed?

  • Yes

  • Certainly

What is the most common criticism you receive?

  • Luckily, I'm having trouble answering this question correctly!

  • “You have such a great team! »

How would your colleagues describe you?

  • Enthusiastic, accommodating and good-humored

  • Hypomanic

If you had to specialize in something else, what would it be and why?

  • In neurology, for the complexity of the brain

  • There are so many sub-specialties in pulmonology that we can always change our practice considerably by taking additional training.

Does your specialty take jokes well at work?

  • Yes, it is possible to be professional in a pleasant working environment

  • We don't joke in pulmonology, it's serious business.

Do students/residents sometimes make you feel overwhelmed? 

  • No, they are rather a source of motivation and achievement!

  • I challenge them to follow me.

If your specialty had to have a romantic relationship with another which one would it choose? 

  • Cardiology because of the heart-lung interdependence!

  • Pulmonology has several allies who compete for this title: thoracic surgery, oncology, radiology, radio-oncology, ENT, immuno-allergy, intensive care, palliative care, cardiology…

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