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Was there an aspect of the residency program that was unexpected and required adaptation on your part?

  • Lots of textbook chapters to read….

  • Get pregnant...


What is your favorite alcoholic drink?

  • Beer (IPAAAAAAA!!!!!)

  • These days, the Caipirinha tastes like summer


Do you follow the recommendations you give to your patients? 

  • Yes, almost for everything! Apart from the anti-reflux recommendations, sometimes ;-)

What personality traits are typical of your profession?

  • Thoroughness

  • joviality


What do you think is the most difficult medical practice? The easiest? 

  • I really believe that each practice has its difficulties and its easier sides, impossible to generalize. The important thing is that each doctor is aware of his strengths, weaknesses and interests, and that his career choice optimizes these elements.

Would you be friends with your colleagues if you had met them outside of work?

  • Sure! They are my tennis, fishing, etc. partners!

Why did you choose ENT?

  • ​ I was completely fascinated by oncology and head and neck reconstruction. After seeing these surgeries as an outpatient, no other specialty interested me more. I knew then that's what I wanted to do in life

What do you think is the most important factor for a successful residency in your specialty?  A career in your specialty

  • Residence: Desire to learn, autonomy, sense of initiative and responsibility. Career: Life balance.

What is the best advice you have received? 

  • To do a fellowship in Australia!

What specialty would you never do? Why? 

  • Internal medicine is absolutely incompatible with someone who wants to work with their hands on a daily basis and who wishes to deal with the direct twists offered by the context of the operating room.

  • Nephrology, much too cerebral  


During your medical studies, what did you do on a Friday evening?

  • I was going out for a drink with friends

  • Listen to Grey's Anatomy with my boyfriend and a bottle of white wine


How many hours of work per week on average?

  • Between 45 and 55h

  • As a rhinologist, around 45 hours a day + 5-10 hours  evening and weekend


What do you dislike most about your practice?

  • Do some remedial work at home in the evening once the kids are in bed and it's more time to relax with my wife

  • Adenoidectomies, really not a very chic surgery


What are the difficulties, the least pleasant aspects that you encounter in your specialty?

  • There are difficult cases where the patient's symptoms are subjective and where treatments are limited (dizziness, burning mouth syndrome, tinnitus, etc.). Often this kind of case leaves us a little on our hunger, both the patient and the doctor, since the results are rather long to perceive. The principle of action-reaction that we like so much in surgery is completely absent from the management of these complex issues.

  • I prefer to think of the good sides. seeing patients of all ages is really nice. improving their quality of life is rewarding.

What is the most common criticism you receive?

  • That I schedule too many patients in the clinic!

How would your colleagues describe you?

  • Like someone in a good mood, who is a good team player!

Does your specialty deal well with jokes at work?

  • They are an integral part of the work in the operating room!

Do students/residents sometimes make you feel overwhelmed?

  • I'm too young for that yet, luckily ;-)

If your specialty had to have a romantic relationship with another which one would it choose?

  • Radiation oncology: mysterious for many, they are our best allies in cancer therapy committees and everyday life in ENT oncology!

What image comes to mind when you think of a good specialist? How do these traits connect with you?

  • A sharp-eyed red-tailed hawk watching and watching. I try to stay on the lookout, so as not to pass me by… You have to understand that the specialist is often at the end of the consultation chain. Our expertise is called upon to make the diagnosis, whether simple or complex, and to ensure the treatment.

  • Someone with a smile who genuinely wants to help his patients. It's a trait I aspire to as much as possible


What car do you drive?

  • A 2015 Nissan Leaf

  • Outback 2015. Even when the trunk is full you can still bring in a big grocery store, you have to be pragmatic


How do you plan your vacation?

  • Often the same dates based on the children's school holidays. I book well in advance because finding accommodation for 6 people at the last minute is never easy. We plan vacations together as a family.

  • Next destination: Newfoundland with family and pet

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