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Do you follow the recommendations you give to your patients?

  • Yes for sun protection. No for the moisturizer (I must admit...!)​

  • Yes Yes


Was there an aspect of the residency program that was unexpected and required adaptation on your part? 

  • Absoutely! I started a residency in internal medicine because I wanted to be a rheumatologist. What was my surprise when I discovered my interest in dermatology when I started my compulsory internship in my rotations of the common common core of internal medicine. I remember it like it was yesterday. I had my revelation on a gray November day. So I undertook to change programs and start my residency again. I don't regret a minute! Like what you always have to keep an eye open, you never know what you're going to come across.

What do you think is the most difficult medical practice?

  • Hemato-oncology and gynecology 

  • The one that keeps us from seeing our own close family.

What personality traits are typical of your profession?

  • Thoroughness and attention to detail

During your medical studies, what did you do on a Friday evening? 

  • Hey there! Without wanting to discourage anyone, I studied. In retrospect, I realize that it is important to know how to take breaks to get back in shape and gain in efficiency.

In your opinion, what is the easiest medical practice?

  • Any​

  • The one that allows us to continue activities in other spheres of our lives.

How many hours of work per week on average? 

  • 50h-55h 

  • 45 hours per week

  • 50

What is your favorite alcoholic drink?

  • Disaronno sour, with ice cream, no sugar

What do you dislike most about your practice?

  • Being asked out of the blue if we could just "take a quick look" when diagnosing dermatology often requires much more than that.

  • The covid!

  • Working with a healthcare system that sometimes puts a lot of obstacles in the way of treating our patients well. Sometimes I feel like I'm in a fight against the system to succeed in providing care that I consider adequate for my patients. From one point of view, it is certainly an inconvenience. From another point of view, everyone has access to health care, which is absolutely extraordinary. All things considered, I prefer it that way despite the inconvenience it causes.

It is said that dermatology leads to a practice that is more “repetitive” than other specialties. Do you consider this statement true in your personal practice?

  • No not at all! 

  • Dermatitis is anything but repetitive. Every skin problem presents differently.

  • This is the first time I hear that! On the contrary, I chose dermatology for its versatility. In the same half-day, I can operate on a melanoma, investigate vasculitis, start an immunosuppressant for bullous pemphigoid, manage severe biological psoriasis, treat skin cancer with photodynamic therapy, inject botox by MedJet for disabling palmoplantar hyperhidrosis , all while supervising the phototherapy treatment. I think that dermatology is a well-understood specialty in all it treats and all its techniques :)


Do you have any recommendations for students who want to learn more about dermatology? ​ Indeed, we don't have a lot of clinical exposures right now and we don't often cover dermatology in 1st and 2nd year, so what do you recommend to students who would like to know if it's a specialty that 'we would like ?

  • Participate in university meetings (especially multidisciplinary meetings). 

  • Do a dermatology internship at the externship.


Would you be friends with your colleagues if you had met them outside of work?

  • Yes!

  • Yes


What do you think is the most important factor for a successful residency in your specialty?  A career in your specialty?

  • Be studious, persevering and constant in his work. 

  • Passion.


How would your colleagues describe you? 

  • You should ask them,  I do not know!

If you had to specialize in something else, what would it be and why? 

  • Pediatrics, I love the spontaneity and sincerity of children. They make me smile every day!

What is the most common criticism you receive?

  • It's sooo long before you see a dermatologist! 

  • Being too demanding of residents


Does your specialty take jokes well at work?

  • If it's good (and timely..), yes 😉 

  • Yes

What car do you drive? 

  • A 2008 Toyota Corolla. We're waiting for her to drop out of the race to buy an electric car, but the problem is that she goes on and on. We are attached to it and we no longer dare to part with it…;)

How do you plan your vacation?

  • Long in advance. As we are 2 doctors, everything has to be calculated to organize our holidays with times that do not interfere with care or teaching. Quite a puzzle! This remains an essential point, especially since we have 2 young children. With a little planning, you can get there.

Do students/residents sometimes make you feel overwhelmed?

  • No.​

  • It depends!

If your specialty had to have a romantic relationship with another which one would it choose? 

  • Psychiatry!

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