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Do you follow the recommendations you give to your patients?

  • I try, besides I now do tai chi by dint of recommending it I ended up trying it and I love it!, I sometimes follow the recommendations of my patients when  they are willing to give me the secret of their successful aging (but I did not take the one from my 96-year-old patient who suggested that I take an ounce of brandy every evening)  


What do you think is the most difficult medical practice?

  • The one you do when you're too tired?


In your opinion, what is the easiest medical practice?

  • The one you do when you are in good shape and have a good balance in your life.  


Would you be friends with your colleagues if you had met them outside of work?

  • Some...  


What do you think is the most important factor for a successful residency in your specialty?

  • As with all residences, you have to like what you like, put yourself in learning mode, be curious   


What do you dislike most about your practice?

  • to sometimes have the impression of working in a vacuum!

What do you think is the most important factor for a successful career in your specialty? 

  • Love what you do, keep your curiosity, and enjoy working in a team  


What is the best advice you have received? 

  • You have to take the time to celebrate each achievement before moving on to another step (avoiding doing it every time by emptying a   bottle of champagne, we risk having other problems at this time)  


What is the most common criticism you receive? 

  • You spread yourself too thin!  

What is your favorite alcoholic drink? 

  • Aperol Spritz


What personality traits are typical of your profession? 

  • Resilience!!!


What specialty would you never do? Why? 

  • Surgery: too mechanical or anatomical for me.


During your medical studies, what did you do on a Friday evening? 

  • A good dinner with my spouse!

What are the difficulties, the least pleasant aspects that you encounter in your specialty?

  • The administrative aspect of the practice to which one is very little exposed during the residency.


What car do you drive? 

  • Honda HRV


How do you plan your vacation? 

  • LONG in advance, generally to do outdoor activities!

How many hours of work per week on average?

  • I don't know but you have to count the hours also at home to read over the complex cases of the day, to prepare lessons, to think about research projects...  I'm not used to calculating  (this too is another frequent criticism) 

  • Highly variable according to the internships and the year of residence (if exam or PAS) I would say 40-50 hours on average. During practice again variable depending on the assignment (floor bcp more demanding than consultations in general!)

What is the most difficult aspect of your practice?

  • Organizing work can be difficult  


How would your colleagues describe you? 

  • Passionate, empathetic, but talkative  


If you had to specialize in something else, what would it be and why?

  • Geriatrics is my second specialty: I chose it, I love it  and I don't want to change it anymore  I like specialties  have a global approach to the patient: bio-psychosocial and specialties that promote teamwork ... I'm chatting  


Does your specialty take jokes well at work? 

  • As long as they are appropriate yes  and it puts the atmosphere at work  


Do students/residents sometimes make you feel overwhelmed?

  • I do not understand the question ..


If your specialty had to have a romantic relationship with another which one would it choose?

  • Neurology

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